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The Art of Doing Nothing Much in the Shropshire Hills

Most B&B owners, myself included, will have a whole section on things to do on their website. But I was thinking the other day about my own favourite holidays and they seem to involve doing nothing much at all.  

My favourites have been; lying on our hotel bed in Rome watching hundreds of swifts flying round the Pantheon, sitting on a beach in Maine looking out to sea for hours on end, lying in a Swiss meadow looking up at the mountains, sitting by a Scottish loch.

Luckily, living in Shropshire, I’m able to indulge in my favourite hobby of not doing very much in nature on a regular basis. I present to you;

The Art of Doing Nothing Much in the Shropshire Hills

Last Monday was an unexpected glorious morning. I had a long to do list but abandoned it to do the short walk to the top of our nearest hill and lie in the grass and just breathe it all in.

A pair of wellies on top of a Shropshire Hill with hills in the background and beautiful blue skies
Lying down on top of a hill in April

And it’s not the first time I’ve done that. I have an app called Timehop on my phone. It shows me pictures that I’ve posted on social media in previous years. It would appear that for the last 5 years in this 2 weeks in April, I’ve been walking to the top of that hill and doing nothing!

The previous week we had another perfect day,  so my to do list was once again abandoned and I drove to Rhos Fiddle nature reserve. Here I sat in a lay by watching lambs and listening to skylarks.

A ewe and her lambs in the Shropshire hills on a glorious spring day
Near Rhos Fiddle Nature reserve listening to skylarks

In February, I rediscovered a favourite road from here to Clunton Coppice. It’s a tiny lane with amazing views. This time I sat and closed my eyes and meditated for a while. On opening my eyes there was a Goshawk sitting on the post by the car watching me.

Back in May, I’d driven along the same road in search of a field of bluebells and ended up lying in a field doing nothing for an hour. That photo of my boots got on the BBC weather!

A pair of boots from someone lying down in a Shropshire Meadow on a beautiful May Day

Even on a rainy day I’ll quite often drive out and park up a lay-by with a book, just so I can listen to the rain on my car roof, with a beautiful green backdrop. Though on a very rainy day I’ll often just head to the Granary Room and sit and read or knit and listen to the rain.

a tiny Shropshire Lane with bare trees on either side
A tiny Shropshire Lane on a grey day

I’ve yet to do it ( it involves leaving a Mitsi for too long ) but one day I’m planning to jump on the Heart of Wales line at Hopton Heath with some mindless knitting and enjoy the beautiful journey down to Swansea just so I can come back again.

If you’re planning a visit and the idea of  doing nothing much at all appeals, let me know and I’ll share my favourite “doing nothing” places.

And if your  Idea of doing nothing involves not going out to eat in the evening, remember you can always order a platter to be waiting for you in your room fridge!

Local Shropshire Cheese Platter - B&B Shropshire, Hopton House


Spring Break in Shropshire


It’s nearly time for a spring break here in Shropshire. At Hopton House the catkins have been out for ages and we’re now surrounded by drifts of snowdrops. I spotted the first open daffodil flower on the dog walk today and some of the tete a tete and primroses are out in the garden.

Mr B&B was away for Valentine’s Day but I awoke to find a wren sitting on the end of my bed serenading me.   We like to sleep with our window slightly open, whatever the weather, and this wren  is a regular visitor into our bedroom, popping in several times a day in search of food. If I can just get them to do the housework for me, my transformation to Cinderella will be complete.

Spring Break in Shropshire - snowdrops on the verge with Hopton Titterhill behind

It is lovely to hear the dawn chorus starting up again. This morning it started with doves and was then taken up by the robin and blackbirds. Though I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about the wren serenading me when it gets lighter much earlier.

Also it’s probably not just one wren. I happened to catch 10 of them flying up into the eves at dusk the other day. Luckily I love my birds.

I also love my frogs and I’ve noticed several in the pond recently. Luckily they are safe from the chickens this spring . Because of the current avian flu problem, they have had to be kept shut away since before Christmas. I do miss them free ranging.

a big drift of primroses in the sunshine