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Spring Break in Shropshire


It’s nearly time for a spring break here in Shropshire. At Hopton House the catkins have been out for ages and we’re now surrounded by drifts of snowdrops. I spotted the first open daffodil flower on the dog walk today and some of the tete a tete and primroses are out in the garden.

Mr B&B was away for Valentine’s Day but I awoke to find a wren sitting on the end of my bed serenading me.   We like to sleep with our window slightly open, whatever the weather, and this wren  is a regular visitor into our bedroom, popping in several times a day in search of food. If I can just get them to do the housework for me, my transformation to Cinderella will be complete.

Spring Break in Shropshire - snowdrops on the verge with Hopton Titterhill behind

It is lovely to hear the dawn chorus starting up again. This morning it started with doves and was then taken up by the robin and blackbirds. Though I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about the wren serenading me when it gets lighter much earlier.

Also it’s probably not just one wren. I happened to catch 10 of them flying up into the eves at dusk the other day. Luckily I love my birds.

I also love my frogs and I’ve noticed several in the pond recently. Luckily they are safe from the chickens this spring . Because of the current avian flu problem, they have had to be kept shut away since before Christmas. I do miss them free ranging.

a big drift of primroses in the sunshine