Spring at Hopton House

Well spring has definitely sprung here at Hopton House, and we appear to be racing into Summer.

We can’t move in the garden without disturbing a nest. A few weeks ago I went to the greenhouse to retrieve some pots and discovered a robin was nesting in them. So the greenhouse was declared off limits.

Yesterday, whilst digging in the vegetable patch, Rob dug up a nest of tiny voles. He quickly remade the nest and reburied them!

Having had to abandon the digging, he went to mow the orchard. This had become a bit overgrown as he’d been having problems with his cutter deck. Halfway round a panicked robin flew out of the grass where he was cutting. On closer inspection we found a nest of eggs in an old flower pot under an apple tree. The robin is now back and sitting on them.

Going to fetch some tools for another job, Rob discovered a blackbirds nest in his small tool shed. And the swallows are nesting in the large barn and aren’t that happy with us going in there.

So there’s really nothing to do but sit down very still in the garden with a cup of tea and wait for the babies to hatch, grow up and leave home!

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