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If you have any specific requests or questions that you would like to discuss with us, please call or email.

House Layout

The house is on 2 levels; ground and first floor. There are 5 steps to a half landing, then 10 steps to the first floor. Each step is 86 cm wide and 20 cm high. There is a handrail on the right.

We have one downstairs bedroom – see information below

There is plenty of parking on a gravel driveway with parking available right next to the front door if required. There is a small step into the house.The ground floor is level throughout, apart from a small step from the outer to the inner landing on the way to the dining room. The dining room is accessible from the outside via a wooden ramp.

Ground Floor Room

We have one downstairs room, the Barn Room. This is an annex across the drive from the main house

There is a firm ( non gravel ) path leading from the deck of the barn to the guest dining room door.

This room is not suitable for people with pet allergies as it is the room that we allow guest dogs to stay in

It has a wooden floor with rugs & the bathroom has a tiled floor. Rugs can be removed on request

There is at least 90 cm clearance all round the room.

There is 1 armchair in the room with wooden arms & a sofa

All doorways are 90 cm wide.

There is a small lip of 2.5cm on the door into the room.

A homemade concrete ramp leads from the car park onto the deck area outside the room. It is possible to park directly outside the room. The bathroom is a wet room with a bath. There are no screens around the shower. There is a small horizontal grab rail, 98 cm from the ground on the wall next to the shower

The shower controls are 90 cms from the floor

The sink in the room is attached to the wall with a minimum clearance of 68cm underneath

The toilet is 39cm from the floor

We supply a 3 in 1 shower stool / commode with arms or a shower stool without arms on request

Assistance Dogs and other Pets

We welcome assistance dogs and are happy to exercise & clear up after them if requried.

We have 2 pet dogs of our own. They are not permitted in the guest bedrooms, or the kitchen whilst we are preparing food. However they do have access to the rest of the house, so Hopton would not be suitable for anyone with a severe dog allergy.

Both dogs are very friendly with everyone but they are bouncy! If guests request we can do our best to endeavour the dogs are kept away for the duration of your stay.

We own free range chickens

We do not own cats due to allergies in our family.


Menus and guest welcome information are available in large print on request

Cordless kettles are available in both rooms

The bedrooms are lockable with a key froim the outside & a snib lock inside

The televisions in the room are all equipped with teletext, freeview and dvd player

Each bedroom has a main ceiling light, controllable from the door. There are also bedside lamps on each side of the bed.

The duvets and pillows are made of a synthetic filling, suitable for people with allergies. Though we do have feather pillows in some rooms so please ask if you prefer all allergy free.

All rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms. There are small handrails by each bath. All rooms have a separate walk in shower and bath. The walk in showers in the Granary & Barn Room have low profile shower trays.

Heating is thermostatically controlled and adjustable in all guest rooms.

Each bedroom is supplied with a well stocked beverage tray, biscuits, cake and crisps. If you wish for any of this to be removed before your arrival please let us know.

Other Information  

Vodafone mobile phones can be access within the house, but there is no or limited coverage for other networks.

A cordless telephone handset on the house phone line can be made available for guest use on request.

People with nut allergies should be aware that we do use nuts in the kitchen.

We are happy to supply soya milk, decaffeinated coffee or tea or other alternatives on request. Please request these in advance of your stay.

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