Omelette for Tea

The plumbers are in busy putting in the pipes for the new barn. They like to leave the backs of their vans open to get easy access to their tools.

Unfortunately the new chickens have decided that a nice safe warm nest box is not an ideal place to lay an egg so are searching for places all over the house and garden.

With sunny days I’ve left the doors open – only to have to remove a chicken 4 times from the house today – one had settled quite comfortably behind our sofa – maybe I should have left it there and at least I would have known where the eggs were.

Not as bad as the day ( before I opened the B&B and environmental health concerns ) when I discovered a chicken laying an egg in a wok in a kitchen cupboard!

So having being shut out of the house the next option was the plumber’s van. A very happy plumber discovered, not one, but 2 eggs in the back of his van so was happily planning omelette for tea.

A note to future guests to please check your car for chickens before you leave.

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