Getting Up Early

I got up early this morning and took the dogs for an early morning walk to make up for the fact that they would be spending a lonely day in the lounge as I ran a course in the dining room.

The forecast for the day was dismal but I enjoyed some lovely morning sun and was treated to the rare sight of 3 roe deer peering at me from the field next door. Luckily the dogs didn’t spot them so

I got to watch them for the whole walk.

The dogs did spot the 3 canadian geese that seem to have settled in the field. They tentatively ran towards them then veered off when they got close and realised quite how big they were.

It was lovely and cosy sitting in the guest sun/dining room with the rain coming down and some very beautiful but angry looking clouds moving rapidly past. I have a rare guest free day tomorrow so I have plans to spend it sitting in the very comfy new sofas in the dining room with copious cups of tea, a good book and a packet of biscuits.

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