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Autumn in Shropshire

We’ve been enjoying  a lovely autumn in Shropshire. I’ve been taking the opportunity to take lots of lovely dog walks in the woods.

Purslow Woods, which you can walk to from Hopton House, but I tend to cheat and drive the 2 minutes up there, is looking magnificent. It’s full of sessile oak which has the most amazing coloured leaves right now. A lot of them have fallen, but in a few weeks time, when all the leaves have fallen, there’s a thick carpet of them to kick through.

We have  lots of availability for the rest of the autumn. The autumn duvets are on the beds and each room has completely controllable heating, so you won’t go cold. Book now for a late autumn break!

Here are some of my favourite autumn photos

a collage of autumn photos including apple pancakes, chickens, a butterfly and lot s of leaves - bed and breakfast shropshire


5 autumn knitting patterns

5 Autumn Knitting Patterns

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Whilst I don’t want to wish summer away too soon, I do look forward to autumn.  It’s my very favourite time to go away. We usually head to the English countryside, spending the day taking long walks,  kicking leaves and enjoying the countryside.

This is my perfect autumn day, finished off by a long soak in the bath with a good book and then an evening curled up knitting in front of the TV. In fact, doing all of the things my guests enjoy doing when they stay here at Hopton House!

When I start packing for my holidays these days, the thing I get most panicky about ( I have my capsule wardrobe sorted thanks to Pinterest ) is what knitting I’m going to take with me. To save you the same panic,  if you’re packing for a relaxing break away in the country,  I thought I’d share my very favourite top 5 autumn knitting patterns for you to enjoy.

If you want to enjoy a few days relaxing in the Shropshire countryside this autumn,  check availability, book a few nights at Hopton House and pack your knitting needles today!

1. Decorate your house with knitted pumpkins

5 autumn knitting patterns | knitted pumkin

I normally buy a few mini pumpkins to decorate the house in autumn, but last year I discovered this pumpkin knitting pattern. I’ve become a bit addicted to knitting these, which is good because everyone loves them and wants to take them away.

You can use any weight wool you have handy. Your pumpkin will be smaller or larger depending on the wool you use.

I knitted a beautiful little green pumpkin using one of my favourite yarns, Rowan felted tweed DK, I love it in avocado. You can buy it online from LoveKnitting here

Green knitted pumpkin - pumpkin knitting patter. 5 knitting projects to bring on your autumn trip to Hopton House B&B here in Shropshire

2. Wrap up in a beautiful Guernsey Wrap

5 autumn knitting patterns | wrap yourself in a Guernsey wrap

I’ve made 2 of these Guernsey wraps now. It’s my go to wrap for when I get a bit chilly. I made the first wrap with the recommended wool but the second with DROPS nepal, which is a lovely springy alpaca / wool blend and is also very cheap!

3. Keep your tea warm with a squirrel tea cosy

5 autumn knitting patterns | knitted squirrel tea cosy

I knitted this tea cosy when we were holidaying on the Gower peninsula in Wales. It was my first attempt at knitted animals and is a bit of fun. It’s a great easy to follow pattern.

4. Get ready for winter with a knitted hot water bottle cover

5 autumn knitting patterns | hot water bottle cover

This is a fabulous free pattern for a knitted hot water bottle cover. It’s quite clever as you can adapt it to any size of hot water bottle. You can make it plain or add your own coloured design or cables.

5. Knit a quick pretty leaf facecloth

This is a pretty autumn leaf lace design facecloth. It’s great if you’re just starting out on lace knitting and want to practice. I knit washcloths and dishcloths when I’m in between bigger projects.

5 autumn knitting patterns | some great knitting patterns to knit when the weather turns cooler | great Christmas presents

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Autumn Walks in Shropshire

I do love Autumn and I always get a craving to head to the woods for a nice long walk. From now and into November, the colours start to look beautiful, whilst the days are generally still warm ( if not it’s a great opportunity to snuggle up in a chunky jumper and get the scarves and gloves out – you’ll have guessed I love Autumn clothes too! )

Autumn walks are also a great opportunity to forage too. Blackberries are good until the end of September. Sloes need a frost before picking ( if there’s no frost and they’re ripe you can mimic the frost by putting sloes in the freezer ). Most people will know you can make sloe gin ( or vodka ) from sloes – here’s the recipe if you’ve not made it before – but sloes are also great turned into sloe jelly, using up windfall apples.

We’re lucky to have lots of beautiful woodland autumn walks in South Shropshire. You can of course get to the woods straight from the house – there’s a great write up of a circular 8 mile dog friendly walk from the house to Hopton Woods here.  My 2 elderly dogs aren’t up to 8 miles these days so I tend to drive to one of the local walks and just do a shorter walk. Purslow Woods is a couple of minutes drive with a place to park the car or head up to Hopton Woods with larger  car parks and plenty of different circular walks. There’s also a great shorter dog friendly autumn walk ( the sessile oaks are really beautiful in autumn ) at Clunton Coppice. Details are here.

I’m always happy to point B&B guests in the direction of a good walk so if you can’t find one to suit you, please do ask when you’re here. We also have lots of maps and walking books which we’re happy for guests to borrow.

View from Purslow Woods
View from Purslow Woods