A Mystery Solved!

The chickens have got a favourite laying spot in the shed under Rob’s workbench. Lots of hay there – perfect.

But there’s been a bit of a mystery as the nest keeps getting completely fluffed up with the eggs getting hidden underneath

We’ve assumed  a hedgehog has been going in there when it was cold.

I said to Rob  – “Chickens seemed to have stopped laying in the shed” and he replied “There were 3 eggs in there when I looked this morning”

So I went out and started searching in the mussed up hay and there are 3 eggs.

I put the eggs to one side whilst I remade the nest. Mitsi is there with me and instantly starts covering the eggs up with the hay using her nose!

She’s quite keen on a raw egg and she is a bit of a bury-er or chews. She has obviously been covering them up for later eating

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