A Healthy B&B Breakfast

Having run the B&B for 4 years I know that one of the reasons people come to an English B&B is to indulge in a full english cooked breakfast. Hardly a day goes by without guests commenting on how different proper local bacon tastes and how the eggs are like nothing you can buy from a shop.

But is it healthy? Well my philosophy in life is everything in moderation and that you shouldn’t deny yourself the occasional treat – especially when on holiday.

However if you really do want to try and eat healthily at Hopton House and still have a delicious breakfast I’d recommend the following.

Start with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or local apple juice.

Then have one of our Hopton House Parfaits – fresh summer berries with natural yoghurt topped with our homemade granola ( oats, local honey, seeds, almonds and lots of other healthy stuff ).

Finally indulge in 2 slices of grilled bacon, a grilled fresh tomato and a poached egg.

Finish off with a slice of toasted granary bread and you’ll be set for the day!

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