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Dog Friendly B&B

Saffy And Ralph  would like to welcome you and your dog to our luxury Dog Friendly  B&B Shropshire,  Hopton House.

Dog friendly B&B Shropshire - picture shows large bed with wool throw in large room with wooden floors - raw food dogs

We love dogs at Hopton House and are very happy to welcome friendly adult dogs and their owners  to the Ground Floor Barn Room.  We don’t have a limit on the number of dogs we welcome, within reason,  but if you want to bring more than 3 please just give us a call to discuss.

Please note we do have free range chickens, so please keep dogs on the lead if they likely to chase them.

The Barn is perfect for Dogs and owners who enjoy a bit of luxury. It has wooden floors with rugs and direct access out into the garden – so ideal for taking your dog out for an early morning or late evening walk without fear of disturbing other guests or our own dogs.

If you raw feed your dog, we have an outside freezer for you to store your own food. If it’s easier,  we can provide you with raw food. We use Poppy’s Picnic meatballs. If you’d like to order some for your stay please do some on the online booking form or drop us an email.

Our garden is split into 2 and Saffy and Ralph stay on their side  if your dog would rather not meet her.

Sable and black dog sitting upright on wooden floor = dog friendly B&B

We’re not big on rules at Hopton House but we’d be grateful if you could read the following carefully to ensure you and our other guests have a relaxing stay;

  • We are happy to welcome friendly, well behaved dogs and their owners
  • Within reason and provided they are kept under control, we don’t have a limit on the number of dogs we accept
  • We have free range hens,  so please keep your dog under control at all times, and be mindful that not everyone likes dogs, so please don’t let your dog approach other guests unless they encourage it
  • The garden is fairly well dog proofed but if you own a talented escapologist, who is likely to get through, or over the fence ( we have standard stock fencing), please be aware that we usually have sheep and cows in the next field
  • Any bagged dog waste should be put in the small grey bin just outside of your room. Please clear up after your dog if they make a mess on the lawn or mown paths in the paddock. We supply dog poo bags
  • We’d be grateful if you could dry off dogs and wipe off muddy paws before taking them into the bedroom – we supply a dog towel and large throw. There is also a tap and short hose just outside the barn room.
  • We ask that you only bring your dog if they are fully house trained. If they do have an accident in the room that you’re not able to clear up yourself, please let us know straightaway; any damage or excessive cleaning may occur an additional charge
  • Unless they are in a crate, we request that dogs aren’t left alone in the guest bedroom when you go out. If you’re happy your dog is OK to be left in the bedroom whilst you eat breakfast  then this is fine – if you have any doubts then we ask that you put them in your car ( except in hot weather of course )
  • We ask that your dog is be up-to-date with flea and worming treatments
  • If you are following a marked footpath through a field with livestock then please keep your dog on a lead. When the lambs are very young if you can avoid walking through the field, even when following a footpath, then please do so. Both the ewes and lambs can bolt and end up losing each other. I personally also avoid walking my dogs in a field of bullocks or mothers with calves
  • We are not able to allow dogs in the dining room at breakfast if we have other guests in. If you are the only guests staying we are happy to waive this rule.
  • We regret we are unable to offer a single occupancy discount for the Barn Room due to the additional costs of heating and cleaning. Single guests are welcome at the full tariff.
  •  If you want to take them out for a walk from Hopton House then turn right out of the drive and right on the road to Hopton Castle. This is a quiet-ish road with verges.

The  White Horse, Clun, The Baron in Bucknell, Lion at Leintwardine ( in top bar ) and Riverside Inn at Aymestry are all dog friendly pubs. There are also a couple of pubs in Ludlow that allow dogs such as the Church Inn at the Buttercross.

Croft Castle is a National Trust Property about 25 minutes away. Whilst dogs aren’t allowed into the property they do have miles of walks in the parklands where dogs are allowed on lead. Hergest Croft Gardens allows dogs in the grounds – again on lead.

If you want to walk your dog off-lead you can drive up to Hopton Wood and park in the forestry commission car park. It’s a 5 minute drive and has miles of off-lead walking. If you’d rather walk there it is about a 25 minute walk. 

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