5 Best Breakfast Recipes from Hopton House

5 Best Breakfast Recipes 

I’ve been running Hopton House Bed and Breakfast here in Shropshire for 15 years now. I have no idea how many breakfasts I’ve cooked, but it’s quite a few! Here are the top 5 breakfast recipes.

Guests often ask me for my recipes, thinking they may all be secret. However, I’m always happy to share and have written nearly all of them up here and on another blog. I thought I’d link back to the 5 Best Breakfast Recipes in this blog.

Each morning, at the B&B,  I load the buffet table up with freshly squeezed orange juice, local apple juice, homemade nut granola, homemade white and granary bread to toast, natural Greek yoghurt, freshly prepared fruit, a fruit compote such as blueberry and lime and some sort of baked good, such as banana bread or muffins.

To start their breakfast, my guests can also order porridge, which I slow cook in the bottom of the AGA or bircher museli – oats soaked overnight in apple juice with Greek yoghurt and grated apple ( recipe below ).

It’s rare that guests then don’t go on to have some sort of cooked breakfast. Of course, there’s the full English but I also offer lots of breakfast specials such as Eggs Benedict or Buttermilk Pancakes. If I know in advance that guests are vegan, vegetarian or can’t eat some foods, I also offer a few extra options.

These recipes are some of the favourites that my guests enjoy. I’ll be writing another blog post soon linking to some more.

Apple and Blackberry Pancakes

5 Best Breakfast Recipes - Delicious, fluffy blackberry pancakes with an apple blackberry compote | a perfect autumn recipe for using up a glut of apples and blackberries #apples #autumn # recipes

This recipe is perfect in autumn when the hedgerows are heaving with blackberries and the apples are just ripening. The recipe uses my favourite pancake recipe and adds a blackberry and apple compote.

Find the recipe here

Healthy Breakfast Bowl

5 Best Breakfast Recipes - Healthy breakfast bowl recipe. Turn overnight oats into a healthy breakfast bowl by adding berries, nuts, banana and seeds

I’ve converted a lot of my guests to bircher muesli over the years. It’s a fabulous healthy but delicious breakfast recipe, which you can make several days ahead. If you’re too busy in the morning to make breakfast, it’s great to have sitting in the fridge ready to eat or take it to work with you! It’s full of all the foods that are really good for you like heart friendly oats and apples and tummy friendly natural yoghurt.

Find the recipe here

Banana Bread

5 Best Breakfast Recipes - Easy cinnamon swirl banana bread recipe. A quick and delicious breakfast bread which tastes just as good made with gluten free flour

I like to put some baked goods on the breakfast buffet table. One of my favourites and probably the easiest is this banana bread. It smells wonderful, keeps getting better for several days and uses up those overripe bananas!

Find the recipe here

Lemon Drizzle Cake

5 Best Breakfast Recipes - A lemon drizzle cake sliced on an olive wood chopping board, with lemon slices and a bowl of sugarwood

Ok, this isn’t strictly a breakfast recipe, but this is the cake waiting for my B&B guests when they arrive. It would actually work well as a sweet breakfast cake. This recipe is based on Mary Berry’s Lemon Drizzle Cake, but I’ve tweaked it a bit to make it my own

Find the recipe here

Gluten Free Oat and Banana Pancakes

5 Best Breakfast Recipes - a stack of gluten free banana pancakes with raspberries, nuts and maple syrup

If you’re avoiding gluten, these gluten free banana pancakes are really nice. They are quick to prepare with just a few ingredients and they taste really good, even for the gluten eaters!

Find the recipe here

I have lots more breakfast recipes on a separate blog here http://shropshirebreakfast.blogspot.com/